White Before and After Labor Day

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Hey Stylish!

All we know the stigma that one should not wear white after Labor day, which is a complete false. I truly believe that fashion right now has no rules, gender or boundaries. So please, wear white and all other colors whenever or whatever you want ( maybe just avoid wearing white at someone else’s wedding at least). In today’s look I was not only inspired by my favorite color+ texture technique ( white+metal) but also by the pleated skirt trend that is so hot this season.  Wear the pleated skirts with the bulky sweaters or the longline classic coats to enhance the gentle nature of pleats or go crazy with texture as I did in my look. Here are some inspirations for you: 

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Dice KayekImage result for pleated skirt runway 2017

Virgil Abloh

What is your favorite way to wear pleats?

                                xo Xenia

Safari in January: I Love you California!


Hello my stylish friends!

How about safari in January? Safari style in fashion is the compromise between comfort and chic. Usually safari style is associated with beige-brown palette, olive, khaki, but my suggestion is to mix it up with bold colors.Try to mix different textures to avoid cliche. For instance in my look, khaki cotton pants are mixed with silk shirt with oriental motives and woolen Theodora hat. Make it look adventurous and stylish in the same time. As usual, some inspirations from runways for you:



xoxo Xenia

pants: Forever 21

shirt :Rowley (bought it in Ross)

hat and jewelry: H&M

purse: vintage, gift from Nigeria

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