The Golden Jacket

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Hey, Stylish!

This time I would love to share with you a great source to buy this cool jacket. The round metallic detailing in clothes and accessories is a must-have in this season and this jacket is the exaggeration of this trend. Wear it with a pair of jeans and tank top or with the black maxi for a more dramatic look.  And the best news is that this jacket is on sale!!!

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Gimgham and Polka Dot With a Splash Of Red

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Hey, Stylish!

The gingham has been so popular Spring 17 and this Summer that you can see this print in any store and collection. I decided to pair my gingham Victoria Beckham x Target suit with the polka dot Jeffrey Campbell platform to bring some edginess to the very preppy and polished print. I would recommend pairing the graphic prints with a pop of color, for example, mega trendy red color to enhance the contrast. I also put together some of the outfits for you as a fresh perspective how to transition your gingham into Fall season:


classic black and white with a pop of red
gingham second part
color blocking and ruffles vs total gingham and neutral colors

gingham three


volume on the top with a balanced volume on the bottom and metallic detailing


White Out


Hi stylish!

Five decades ago, fashion icon Audrey Hepburn popularized white shirts with male silhouette. Thank you, Audrey! The white shirt is timeless, flattering and elegant staple like the little black dress. White shirts make you look crisp, clean and classic. There is no limits or rules how to wear white shirt trend, just remember to mix it up with color or texture to make your look more interesting. The runway inspirations for you:

balenciaga-spring-2014-rtw29 oversized white

xoxo Xenia

My look:

shirt: H&M

vest: Mural

shoes: Bamboo

Not a Kitch, a Witch


Hi Stylish!
Who said that witch costumes are only for Halloween? We witches, have a fashion moment. Pull out your Fedora hat,dark lipstick and long dresses, it is such a must have trend. I start watching American Horror Story and I absolutely love it. I got my inspirations from the third season “Coven”. If you are not familiar with it, here are some inspirations:

Screen-shot-2013-08-05-at-4.38.49-PM americanh2

Witch it up!

xoxo Xenia

My look:

shirt: Vintage

shoes: H&M

jewelry: H&M



Hello my stylish friends!

Happy Fashionable New Year! What was your New Year outfit? I am obsessed with my folkloric dress which was a part of my outfit for New Year Eve party. It is important to understand that contemporary fashion trends are inspired by ethnic silhouettes and details, rather than being authentic costume. Mix your ethnic clothes with contemporary, sporty or classy shoes and accessories to avoid head to toe folk. Enjoy some inspirations from Dolce and Gabanna and Ulyana Sergeenko:

xoxo Xenia

dress: handmade


Never Say Never


sweatshirt: H&M

jeans:BDG Urban Outfitters Jeans


Hello my stylish friends!

As I mentioned in my previous posts- I am not a fan of leopard print.However, in fashion you never say never! Animal trend is a total must-have for Winter 2015.As fashionista I cannot resist my growing love to animal prints.My only one suggestion would be to keep the minimalistic forms, which are the best ways of expressing the beauty of animal prints.Here are some examples: Balmain, Wren, Givenchy


What is your “no-no” in fashion?

xoxo Xenia

How to wear RED

New folder (3)



pants: H&M

shoes: Sam Edelman

scarf: ZARA

Hello my stylish friends!

Did you know that wearing red does not only attract attention from members of the opposite sex, but also increase your level of self-confidence? 

Incorporating bright red into your wardrobe is definitely not an easy task. My only one advice is to mix it with something neutral. Grey considered by artists and designers as a versatile color, which can compliment any other color of the pallet. Just be careful with the undertone of the grey color.For example if you are wearing Coca-Cola red, it is better to compliment it with warm grey.If you are wearing ruby red, combine it with cold, blueish grey. Here are some inspirations for you:

33240_original red_leaves_ubuntu red_nature_vs__grey_of_town_by_momeco

What are your tips for wearing red?

xoxo Xenia

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