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My look: pants (ZARA), top (thrifted), hat ( … coming soon)


Hey, Stylish!

I am so happy that Fall is finally here and the fall-winter colors are finally appropriate to wear. My most favorite fall color so far is gray that you can see at Marni’s and Alexander Wang collections. Gray can make any cheap clothing look more presentable and polished, just make sure the cut is flattering. The best perks of gray that it is the  universal color that would enhance any other color and hue! I leave you with cool inspirations:


Wide Load

Adam Lip

11 Chic Wide-Leg Pants to Try This Fall 2017

Happy 4th of July or How to wear a flag





Hey, Stylish!

Happy 4th of July all the stylish people from the US! As you know, it’s a tradition to wear the flag abbreviatures for the celebration and I am so happy to experiment with it. The flag theme has always been the inspiration for many designers and you can notice this trend in Balenciaga‘s and Balmain‘s collections. If you want to adopt this trend in real life, try to use it with a humor and mix it up with accessories (in my case a Breton hat). I think the most interesting inspirations are from:

Victor and Rolf:

Image result for Viktor & Rolf Fall 2000 flag

Marc Jacobs:

Image result for marc jacobs american flag


Follow your #visualcharisma

xo Xenia



My Look:

dress- ZARA, similar here and there

top: vintage, similar here and there


Breton cap-vintage, similar here


































Hey Stylish!

The summer is almost over and I definitely need to talk about must-have shoes of this season: gladiator sandals.  Gladiator sandals with extravagant design could become a statement piece of the outfit, so keep it simple. Monochromatic and neutral colors would be great decision for picking up gladiator sandals since they “cut” the proportions of the leg and potentially can make your legs look more corpulent.  Some high-fashion inspiration for you from Alexander McQueen:




My look:

Sandals: found in thrift store for 15 dollars!!!!!!  Similar here and here and maybe there

Dress: Forever 21

Overskirt: my Mom’s DIY project, you can find something similar here

Hat: vintage, similar here

Not a Kitch, a Witch


Hi Stylish!
Who said that witch costumes are only for Halloween? We witches, have a fashion moment. Pull out your Fedora hat,dark lipstick and long dresses, it is such a must have trend. I start watching American Horror Story and I absolutely love it. I got my inspirations from the third season “Coven”. If you are not familiar with it, here are some inspirations:

Screen-shot-2013-08-05-at-4.38.49-PM americanh2

Witch it up!

xoxo Xenia

My look:

shirt: Vintage

shoes: H&M

jewelry: H&M


green sweaterSONY DSCSONY DSC

sweater: H&M



Hello my stylish friends!

Oversized clothes are not baggy anymore! Perhaps “right” oversized outwear or sweater can make you look petite and flatter your look.However it all comes down to balancing out proportions. If you choose oversized top or sweater, the more fitted the rest of your outfit should be.Here are some runway inspirations for you:



Do you like oversized trend?

xoxo Xenia

Still 90s




Hello my stylish friends!

From my previous posts you already know about my love to the 90’s style. Today I was inspired by the baby-doll dresses,which along with several other fashion items of the 90’s,have made a comeback in our time.Here is the evidence:


Saint Laurent



Do you like the 90’s trend?

xoxo Xenia

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