Ruffles, Hippie Chic and TONS of Magenta

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Hey, Stylish!

Fall is officially here, but it is summer time in San Francisco, so I am still not ready to give up on bright colors! Watching the latest Chloe collection, I am so inspired by that Hippie Chic vibes that the famous fashion house is famous for.

If you want to experiment with the Hippie chic, start with something very easy, such as long ruffled dress ( mine is vintage 70’s) and platforms.

You can also play around with the silhouettes and proportions selecting extra flared jeans, and oversized flowy blouses.

Here is Chloe inspiration for you:

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Image result for chloe hippie

Total Floral






Hey, Stylish!

Florals are so expected to be worn in summer, but there are thousands of ways to wear it unexpectedly. I am a big fan of Alessandro Michele’s politics toward new collections of Gucci house: a dash of vintage vibes, modern cuts and print on print, especially florals on florals or florals on an animal pattern. As you know, I like matching things and for me combining botanical print is the optimal solution for the unconventional way to wear print. I was inspired by a couple of gorgeous examples from the runway:


Image result for floral print on floral runway 2017


Image result for gucci 2017


My look:

Blouse- Zara, similar here and there

Skirt-real suede vintage, similar here and there


Sandals- Steve Maden

Turkish Cucumber and Persian Pickle


Hello stylish!

My favorite pattern is paisley aka”Turkish cucumber” and I am very glad that it is fashionable in Spring season. Paisley become popular in Western World during 1960s era of hippie movement. I live in San Francisco, the heart of hippie movement, therefore I supposed to love colorful and rich “Persian pickle”.  I got my inspiration from from Paisley projection photography by John French. If you are not familiar with his work, here it is:

138856and some more inspirations from nowadays:

thakoon-rtw-spring2012-runway-033_022602307707xoxo Xenia

My look:

dress: Selective Concepts from Goodwill

shoes: Bamboo


Frida inspired



blouse:APT 9

flower accessory: H&M

Hello my stylish friends!

I found my place in art and architecture, that is why I  am always fascinated by artists and their talents. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite surrealistic artists. Frida had an extraordinary personality. She liked to live in constant self-expression and passion.It is so evident in her art! She was THE WOMAN ,the way she dressed, and also the way she carried herself prove it without any doubt.


What is your inspiration for today?

xoxo Xenia

The Flower




oversized sweater: H&M

flower accessory: DIY


Hello my stylish friends!

What is the most romantic thing you can imagine? Right, flowers.Despite the bad weather and cold, it seems that top designers have  decided that floral prints are not only for summer. You can see the sheer number of buds and blossoms on fall runways.Here are some examples:

fall_winter_2014_2015_jewelry_trends_floral_necklace fall_winter_2013_2014_print_trends_floral_prints


Do you like floral trend as I do?

xoxo Xenia

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