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Hey, Stylish!

You know that I am in love with the kimono trend recently because the kimono converts any outfit into relaxed, effortlessly chic one. Even at the hottest day in San Francisco (which is almost a nonsense) my vintage kimono was keeping me cold because of its silk and cotton blend. I would really recommend finding your perfect kimono in the local vintage stores because the quality of them is much higher than the modern ones. You can always find kimonos in a robe section in almost any thrift shop. For some runway inspirations, check out Gucci and Alice+Olivia:

Image result for kimono runway 2017

Image result for kimono runway 2017

Ugly Sweater Competition


Hello my stylish friends!
Since I live in San Francisco, I am lucky to decide what I want to wear regardless the weather. Today I have a winter mood. I have never owned an ugly sweater that is so popular during Christmas time, but I found this fluffy and terrifically trendy sweater, and felt in love with it. Oversized angora sweaters are still on runways. Check out some of my inspirations:


xoxo Xenia

my sweater: H&M Winter Collection

shoes: Zara


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