About Xenia

Hello stylish people!

Since I was a kid I could not go to bed until I visualized my outfit for the next day. I have never imagined my life without art and the way I dressed has always been a way to express myself. In a way, clothes and accessories were my paints, while my ideas were my brushes.

Having been raised in a more conservative Post-Soviet society, I was craving bold style choices. I was never afraid to experiment: when I was 14, I would take a piece of ribbon, tie it on my ankle and wear it with flats. I got some double looks, but I was so happy, because for me that ribbon was like a nice brush stroke on a fresh oil painting. Today, ribbons on ankles are so in! Every fashionista is dreaming about Miu Miu flats and I feel like that is the painting I have already done.

I’ve had my fair share of mistakes too, but I’m proud of all of them, because they helped me develop my style. Brands and trends come and go, so I prefer doing my own thing… painting my own paintings!


xo Xenia

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