How to wear RED

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pants: H&M

shoes: Sam Edelman

scarf: ZARA

Hello my stylish friends!

Did you know that wearing red does not only attract attention from members of the opposite sex, but also increase your level of self-confidence? 

Incorporating bright red into your wardrobe is definitely not an easy task. My only one advice is to mix it with something neutral. Grey considered by artists and designers as a versatile color, which can compliment any other color of the pallet. Just be careful with the undertone of the grey color.For example if you are wearing Coca-Cola red, it is better to compliment it with warm grey.If you are wearing ruby red, combine it with cold, blueish grey. Here are some inspirations for you:

33240_original red_leaves_ubuntu red_nature_vs__grey_of_town_by_momeco

What are your tips for wearing red?

xoxo Xenia

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