The Cat Lady


dress:forever 21


hat: Taobao


watches:Marc jacobs

Hello my stylish friends!

I am a crazy cat lady and I love everything about felines! I am not a big fan of cheetah or leopard prints, though they are very trendy in Winter 2015 (and one of must-haves for many street-fashion gurus).Besides cheetah prints on runway, you can notice that many designers adopted different  ways to express their love to felines. Here are some examples:

embedded_cat_-eyes-makeup-anna-sui 1d7924f34f83f2214b687803d15a79d8

make up and hairstyle at Ana Sui runway showg3g1Givenchy hats.

Pretty interesting, right?

Do you love cats as I do?

xoxo Xenia

7 Comments on “The Cat Lady

  1. I love the way you combine clothes. What are your favorites places for shopping?

    • Zarina, thank you! I have a couple of favorite online stores(,, and also thrift shops(Crossroads and even Goodwill)!And of course fast fashion brands(H&M, Forever21 and ZARA)

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